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Posted on: 13th October 2017

Ideas for Lighting Up Your Garage

A garden that features our three styles of LED lights.

Sadly, the summer evenings when the light lasted until beyond ten o’clock are gone. Autumn is upon us. This means that the lighting both inside and outside of your garage becomes even more important. Reversing into your garage can be a hard task without the hinderance of the dark. Considering lighting for the outside of your garage is a good idea. 

Garage Lighting Ideas

Every year across the UK, there are around 10,600 injuries that occur in garages. Although many of these may be to do with tools, a percentage of these are caused by poor visibility which leads to trips and falls. To prevent yourself from becoming a statistic, it is important that you have the correct lighting. If you are a creative soul and fancy doing your own garage lights then there are some brilliant ideas on Pinterest to give you inspiration. Check out this board we found. 

Our Hormann lights 

One design option for Hormann sectional garage doors is a strip of LED lights. These light strips can be installed to the top of the door – lighting up the entrance. Our strip lighting can also be installed in the bottom or the side of your garage doors to create unique lighting effects. If you are interested in getting some installed into your garage door then contact us. Check out our range of sectional garage doors to get a better idea of what kind of doors these lights are suited for. 

In addition to these, we also have some outside lights that can be put up on the side of the garage and some driveway light posts. Light posts can help guide you to the safety of your garage so there are no unfortunate accidents. 

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