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Posted on: 23rd November 2018

Garage Doors for Wider and Taller Cars

big car by double garage

Buying a larger car shouldn’t have to mean major restructuring work on your garage entrance. Many of our customers are amazed to learn that they can gain the extra inches needed by changing the model of garage door that they choose to install.

Larger Cars, Smaller Garages

Cars are undeniably getting bigger – just compare the iconic Minis of the 20th Century with their BMW manufactured counterparts of the 21st Century. At the same time, pressures on developers to squeeze as much housing stock as possible on to permitted land have led to garages shrinking. If parking your new car in the garage requires millimetre perfection, choosing a different design of door may free up some space.

Frameless Doors

Because of the way they are designed and fitted, Garador Sectional garage doors do not require an additional frame to sit inside the entranceway of your garage. When we remove your old garage door and its frame, the entranceway becomes a few inches wider – it’s amazing how much more manoeuvrability that extra space gains you. If you have a learner driver in the family and you like your paintwork unscratched, a sectional door could be a wise investment.

Bike Racks and Travel Boxes

A simple storage solution for holidays is to attach a bike rack or roof box to your car. If the extra height is just scraping your existing canopy door, you could always switch to a Garador Roller door. Roller doors roll into a neat cassette that is affixed above and behind your entrance door, allowing you to use the full height of your garage entrance.

We can install sectional garage doors to provide you with more space. Contact us via phone on 01603 787069 or email sales@autodoorsandgates.co.uk.

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