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1. Will you remove my old garage door?

Absolutely. We will remove and dispose of your old garage door as part of our complete door replacement service.

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2. Does my garage door need Insulation?

If the rest of your garage is insulated and you plan on using the space for work or recreation, then we would recommend an insulated door. Our sectional garage doors can be supplied double skinned and filled with insulating polyurethane foam.

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3. Can I have a window in my garage door?

Up & over doors and sectional doors can both be supplied with a range of glazing options. Roller doors cannot have windows because glass panels cannot be rolled up!

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4. How do I programme operators and handsets?

We will ensure that your door and its opening controls are properly set up and instruct you in the use of handsets. However, if you wish to reprogram or add additional handsets: Garador, the manufacturer of the doors we supply and install, have compiled some instructional videos on programming their operators and handsets.

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5. How long does it take to install my new garage door?

Every job is different, but these are our expected installation times:

  • Up & Over 4 hours
  • Sectional 6 hours
  • Roller 4 hours
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6. How often should my garage door be serviced?

We would recommend that you have your door serviced annually. If your door is in frequent use then you may wish to have it serviced more often. We offer a full maintenance service that will keep your door in top condition.

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7. Do I need to do anything before my new door installation?

We will need clear access to both sides of your garage doors that we can safely remove and dispose of your old door and install the new one. This doesn’t mean that you have to completely clear out your garage. Just make sure that we have a couple of metres space either side to work in. If you have any questions, give us a call.

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8. Can you match a garage door to my front door?

Yes. We supply a comprehensive range of styles and colours so that we can match your front door, or if you are after a brand-new look we can supply and install matching Garador front and garage doors.

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9. What happens in the event of a power cut?

All of our doors have mechanisms to allow you to open the door without power. If you have access to your garage from inside your house, then a simple pulley on the inside of the garage opens the door. If you don’t have access from the inside, a special key is supplied which opens the door from the outside – of course don’t store the key in the garage!

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10. My current automatic door isn't working properly, can you help?

We offer a full garage door repair service throughout Norwich and Norfolk. We’ll come to your property, assess the problem and fix it. Prevention is better than cure – we also offer a full maintenance service that will keep your doors in peak condition.

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11. I want to automate my current garage door. Can I keep it?

We don’t have to replace your whole garage door just to add automation. If you want to keep your current manual door, it’s no problem for us to fit an automatic opening mechanism to your existing door.

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