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Posted on: 29 August 2018

How to Prepare for Your Garage Door Installation

Modern garage door and driveway

There’s no need to completely clear out your garage before we arrive to fit your new door, but our installation team will need access to the space in front of your garage and a couple of metres into the interior. 

Removal of Your Old Door

We will completely remove and dispose of your old garage door as part of our full installation service. Please don’t attempt to be helpful by dismantling it yourself. Garage doors are often heavy and may be affixed to tensioned cables – no need to risk damaging yourself or your garage, leave it to the experts.

Removing an old wooden doorframe and installing a new door behind the pillars will often leave marks on your garage entranceway. As part of our installation service, we always cover any marks with an aesthetic trim that is in keeping with your chosen colour. Other firms may not be so scrupulous.

Installation of Your New Door

Our van will need access to your driveway and it will take a few hours for our team to fit your new door. The following are our average installation times:

  • Up & Over garage doors – 4 Hours
  • Sectional garage doors – 6 Hours
  • Roller garage doors – 4 Hours

Aftercare of Your New Door

Before departure, we will fully instruct you in the door’s automatic controls and manual overrides. We also offer a comprehensive maintenance programme. A quick annual service will ensure that your garage doors remain in good working order for years to come.    

In summary then: keep the driveway clear, move clutter from the interior entranceway and leave the removing and disposal of the old door to us. Naturally, if you have any questions regarding preparation for the installation of your new garage door, don’t hesitate to call us at the showroom on 01603 787069.

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