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Posted on: 20th September 2018

Make the Most of the Space in Your Garage

garage storage space

We’d all love a large garage with enough room to park the car (and get out comfortably), plenty of storage, and maybe a small workshop at the back for minor mechanical projects. The truth for the majority of us is that there will be no room to take up pole-lathing when we retire. As cars get bulkier and newbuild garages shrink, making the most of the space in your garage is more important than ever.

Garage Space Saving Tips

Here’s a few tips for squeezing the most use out of every cubic foot of your garage:

  1. Shelving. Garages typically have lots of wall space. Shelving units don’t have to be pretty, they just have to be functional. Look on websites such as gumtree – people are often giving them away if you can collect.
  2. Roofspace. This will vary significantly from garage to garage. In larger garages you may be able to string up a kayak. But even in smaller spaces you can put hooks and bungees to good use to increase your ceiling storage space.
  3. The Tennis Ball Trick. Before the days of beeping sensors, in-car cameras and automatic parking, if you wanted your car parked in the best spot in the garage, you could always hang a tennis ball from the ceiling and tell your partner to park when it bumped the windscreen. Simpler times.
  4. Fold Down Workbench. The DIY classic! With some door hinges, some plywood and a couple of lengths of 4x2, you can have your workshop after all. And then fold it away against the wall when you need the space for your car.
  5. Upgrade Your Garage Door. If you have a large car and a small entranceway, you can make some extra space by upgrading your garage door. By switching to sectional or roller doors, you can free up valuable inches on either side of the door as these styles don’t require a frame.

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