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Posted on: 13th September 2018

Roller Doors: Full Metal Construction

Roller doors

The roller doors that we supply and install have no plastic components. Other suppliers will substitute plastic bearings or even attach the roller curtain to a plastic pole. These products may appear cheaper – but you won’t be saving any money if you pay for expensive repairs further down the line.

Top Quality

We see no point in cutting corners with cheaper components. We only supply the best: a steel pole and properly sealed metal bearings. All of our doors meet European safety standards and are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

Slat Thickness

Our roller doors are available in two slat thicknesses. For wider openings (over 10 feet) we recommend a thicker slat. For standard single garage doors, the thinner slat width is perfectly suitable. The advantage of a thinner slat is that the curtain rolls up into a tighter roll – so where space is limited above and behind the garage door opening, this is the slat thickness we recommend.  

Automatic Alarm 

When your roller door is shut, the door locks automatically and sets the alarm. Should someone attempt to gain access to your garage by forcing or jemmying the roller door open, the 105-decibel alarm will sound. This volume is louder than a fighter jet flying over at 300m and will quickly draw unwanted attention to the would-be intruder.

Door Seals 

All of our doors are supplied with quality seals that will reduce draughts and keep out debris. If you have persistent problems with water ingress – we can also supply you with products that will prevent this.

Looking for a top-quality roller garage door? Give us a call on 01603 787069 or email us sales@autodoorsandgates.co.uk. Visit our showroom to meet with our friendly team and view our doors in action. 

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