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Posted on: 04 April 2018

5 Reasons to Automate Your Existing Garage Door

A home with a manual garage door.

We regularly receive enquiries from individuals interested in upgrading their existing manual garage doors to more modern automatic alternatives. Many of those enquiring about our products want to be sure about the security, reliability and functionality of them. In this blog, we will be talking about some of the main benefits of upgrading your garage doors.

1. Ease of Access – Manual garage doors can be awkward and tricky to open and older manual garage doors are more prone to needing repairs, problems that could be expensive to correct or even potentially dangerous. Problems like this can be especially dangerous for people with restricted mobility, an issue that an automatic garage door would address.

2. Convenience – The weather here in the UK is about as reliable as a wet paper bag and has been particularly poor recently. With manual garage doors you have to jump out and struggle with keys and bolts as the rain lashes down. By upgrading, our automatic garage doors will remove all the rigmarole – you could even choose a system that can be operated from within your car!

3. Control systems – Once you choose to update your existing door and automate it, you will have the choice of various different styles of control systems. The controller options range from simple button remotes to the more advanced models such as finger scanners ensuring your garage is secure.

4. Improved security – Many people are unsure of the security of automatic garage doors compared to their manual counterparts. By upgrading to automation, you will be improving your security – not least because the doors lock automatically on closure.

5. Old door new functionality – Automating your existing garage door will allow you to keep your current door while upgrading its functionality. You can keep the doors that match the design of your house while improving their ease of action.

Our Garage Doors

We have been installing garage doors for over 20 years and we know first-hand the benefits an automated garage door can provide a property with. We have a range of different garage door products available and an expert team to carry out the installations, repairs and upgrades.

You can find out more about some of our products in this blog.

Interested in upgrading your garage doors to an automatic alternative? We can help, call us on 01603 787069 or email us on sales@autodoorsandgates.co.uk.

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