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Posted on: 2nd November 2017

Garage Door Repairs: What Can Go Wrong and How Can We Fix It?

A double garage.

Provided your garage door is properly maintained, it should have a pretty long life. However, as we all know, accidents can happen. As with any invention with complex moving parts, automatic garage doors that are poorly maintained will break down. In this blog, we’ll be running through some things that can go wrong with your garage door and how it can be repaired. 

Common Garage Door Problems 

Here at Automated Garage Doors, we have a highly experienced team who are able to install and repair garage doors. Here are some of the most common issues we uncover:

  • Rust – Rust on the surface of a door where the outer protection has been scraped off is pretty easy to deal with. Rust in the operating mechanism is a more serious problem. 
  • Dents – Depending on the size, dents can be a serious problem. If the panels of your door are bent in on themselves, then it is possible that the doors will not be able to open correctly or safely.
  • Scrapes – Scrapes are usually less serious than other problems on this list. However, some areas of your doors may be affected more than others by scrapes. 
  • Broken panels – A broken panel can cause further damage to the door or damage to your garage itself.
  • Broken mechanisms – Broken mechanisms pose the biggest hazard to your safety. Problems with the motor or the springs are the most common issues you’ll face.
  • Faulty remotes – Issues with your remote are most likely to be to do with the transmitter or the garage door receiver.

Rust on a garage door.

How Can We Solve These Problems?

Our team has seen it all. Here are the ways they can help you, should you encounter any of these problems.

  • Rust – Depending how serious the rust is and which style of door you have, our team will usually only have to replace or repair the area effected. If the rust is minor and not affecting the mechanism, you might be able to remove it yourself.
  • Dents – The size of the dent will determine how we best deal with it.
  • Scrapes – Our team will have to assess if there is any danger posed by the scrape before deciding what to do. Depending on the door style we may have to replace a section of it.
  • Broken panels – Broken panels will either have to be repaired or replaced, two things our team are qualified to do.
  • Broken mechanisms – Depending on the severity of the damage and the danger it can pose to a person, our team will either repair the parts or replace them.
  • Faulty remotes – Remotes will usually just have to be reset so they work with the door again. However, the most common cause for remotes not working is people forgetting to change the batteries!

Encountered any of these problems? Contact our expert team. Call us on 01603 787069 or email us on sales@autodoorsandgates.co.uk.

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