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Posted on: 28 May 2019

How to Choose Your Control System

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Automatic Garage Door Controllers available from AutoDoors Norwich

Do you dream of driving directly into your garage without leaving your car? Want to increase the security of your home or premises? There are many reasons to choose an automatic garage door and a huge range of remote-control systems to suit the needs of your property. 

Handheld Transmitters

From simple one button open/close transmitters to five button controls that allow to check if your garage door is open or closed even when it’s not in sight, we have a range of Garador handheld controllers that make it easy to open the garage door from inside the comfort of your car. The smart looking controllers are simple to use, press once to open or close – no need to hold the button down. 

You can have multiple controllers all linked to your door, so if you have more than one car you can have a controller in each. Choose buttons that plug into your car’s cigarette lighter, fix onto your keyring or are handheld for your convenience. Stations and wall holders are available to house your handheld device, providing a handy ‘home’ for your controller in your hallway or garage.

Wall Mounted Keypad

If you have multiple people needing access to your garage, a digital keypad is a safe and secure method to control and monitor access, with the ability to assign up to 10 different codes. Pin codes can be set and changed easily, so you can update the number following staff changes or as frequently as your security requires. Wireless keypads allow for the keypad to be fixed to a gatepost or at the end of a driveway making access as convenient as a handheld transmitter. 

Fingerprint Scanner 

When security is a key concern, a fingerprint scanner is the top choice. Save up to 12 different fingerprints to share access with your inner circle. The sleek design of the scanner has a sliding cover, protecting the device from the elements and looks discreet on your gatepost or at the end of your driveway.  

To see our ranges of remotes and control systems and garages visit our Norwich showroom.

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Selection of Remote controls for automatic garage doors