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Posted on: 05 November 2021

Insulation Tips to Keep Your Garage Warm

snow garage door

The secret to keeping your garage warm, especially now that the price of utilities has increased for almost everyone, is good insulation. With proper insulation, the warmth generated by any heaters you use will stay in the garage.

General Insulation Tips

Doors are our point of expertise, obviously, and older single-skinned or ill-fitting doors are also the main reason for heat escaping (and drafts entering) garages. More about what you can do about them below, but here are a few general insulation tips.

  • Windows. Replace single-glazed windows with double glazing. If a clear view isn’t important, glue or staple bubble wrap to the windows - light will get through, but the air bubbles in the plastic will form an insulative layer.
  • Cavity walls. Look into injected polyurethane foam insulation to fill up the cavity between the two walls with top-end insulation.
  • Single Layer Walls. Garages are not covered by the same building regulations as rooms intended for habitation. So your garage walls may not be cavity walls. You can affix insulation boards to interior walls. Or improvise with polystyrene and foil backed bubble wrap!

Insulated Doors

We supply and install double-skinned sectional doors manufactured by Garador. These feature the highest levels of thermal insulation and structural rigidity. The door sections are made of double-skinned steel, 42 mm thick, PU-foam filled (100% CFC-free).

Thermal insulation value:

  • Section 42 mm U = 0.50 W/m2K
  • Door leaf 42 mm thick U = 0.90 W/m2K
  • Fitted door 42 mm (10 m2 face) U = 1.30 W/m2K

If you are working in (or otherwise spending a lot of time in) your garage. This premium option is the one you want to go for! Garador’s exclusive thermal frame option provides improved insulation, thermal and acoustic!

sectional door view from inside garage

If you are concerned about drafts and heat loss generally, but your garage is more of a storage than a work/hobby space: a modern roller garage door will still be a big improvement on older models of door. The GaraRoll roller door for instance is composed of foam-filled aluminium lathes that will offer increased warmth retention when compared to a single skinned steel door.

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