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Posted on: 06 October 2021

Take the Strain Out of Opening Your Garage Door

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up and over garage door

To open a traditional up-and-over garage door. takes a degree of mobility and physical effort that is not available to everyone. A number of people have contacted us over the years, saying that they (or perhaps a loved one) are struggling to lift their old manual up-and-over garage door, due to the debilitations of advancing age or encroaching illness. 

New Automated Garage Door

Please don’t continue to struggle and certainly don’t consider abandoning regular use of your garage. Automated Garage Doors can help. A new automated garage door will take the strain out of lifting your old door. Upgrading your garage door can offer access to your garage at the touch of a button.

Added Security

In addition to ease of opening, there is the added security provided by a modern garage door that provides a significantly stronger barrier against intruders than a traditional T-lock door. Replace a door like the one above with a modern automated door like this one:

white sectional garage door

Disabled Customers Save 20% 

For some people we may even be able to save you the VAT! We don’t charge VAT on garage door upgrades for disabled customers that meet the government’s criteria for VAT-free building work. For instance, those who qualify for a ‘Blue Badge’ or ‘Disabled Facilities Grant’ and are happy to sign a declaration that we can keep in our files to show during any Customs and Excise inspections.

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