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Posted on: 12 March 2019

Spring Clean, Clean Springs!

Spring Cleaning a garage door

Now that the days are getting longer, flowers are coming into bloom and winter finally seems to have ended its time to have a good old-fashioned spring clean. Your garage may not be at the top of your list for a tidy, but there are several reasons why you should make sure your garage gets plenty of attention this springtime. 

First Impressions

Keeping the outside of your home clean and tidy is important, it creates a good impression to neighbours and visitors, as well as to you! It’s been shown that good kerb appeal makes us appreciate and enjoy our homes more, making us feel happier and more connected to our homes. So grab a bucket of hot soapy water or a hosepipe and give your garage door a good clean with a soft sponge or cloth so that it sparkles in the sunshine. 

Jet washing the driveway as part of your spring clean? Don't be tempted to turn the pressure washer on to the garage door! You can damage the paintwork and the surface of the door, so stick to manual methods. 

Check the Mechanisms

When you’re giving the inside of the garage a clean, use a duster or soft brush hoover attachment to gently give the mechanisms and springs a little once over. This gives you the chance to check if there’s anything that looks out of the ordinary or might benefit from a professional maintenance check. Only give the moving parts and mechanisms of your garage door a light dusting to remove any dust or debris, don’t use any cleaning fluids or WD40 as you’re more likely to impair your door than improve it! 

Winter Build Up

After winter there may have been leaves blown in from outside and even critters who have found somewhere warm to hideaway from the cold weather. Give your garage a good sweep and airing out to make sure that any leaves, debris or wildlife aren’t stowing away!

Could your garage door benefit from a maintenance check? We advise you have your door serviced annually to make sure everything is still running smoothly with your door. Having your door serviced before issues get the chance to become worse is the best way to treat your door, here are some signs that your door might need servicing or repairs.

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